Huge thanks and good luck to Billy Singh


 left Archie Macpherson Scottish football commentator and author with Billy at last year’s National Festival in Glasgow

The success of walking football in Scotland is down to the hard work and commitment of many individuals throughout the country, but the efforts of one man in particular deserves special recognition.

Billy Singh joined Paths for All nearly three years ago as Walking Football Development Officer bringing over 25 years’ experience of the 3rd sector to the role from his previous work with the SPFL Trust and Show Racism the Red Card.

Since that time, he has worked to promote the sport, developing links with other key partners such as Age Scotland and SAMH and playing a significant role in the creation of the Scottish Walking Football Network then more recently Walking Football Scotland.

Billy played a pivotal role in founding the annual Scottish Walking Football Festival which has more than doubled in size in the last three years as well as the successful national league tournament at Ravenscraig.

In addition, he has organised first aid and dementia awareness training for members and has been a valuable source of advice for clubs starting out.  

His personality and sense of humour have made him a popular figure amongst the walking football community and he is a ‘weel-kent’ face at many tournaments throughout the country.

Sadly Billy’s tenure at Paths For All came to an end this week but his efforts has seen the numbers of walking football sessions rise to over 100 each week with more than 1800 men and women playing regularly throughout the country from Gretna to the Shetland Islands.

His knowledge and experience proved invaluable in the creation of Walking Football Scotland and everyone connected with our charity wishes him well in his future endeavours.

Walking Football Scotland Chairman Gary McLaughlin said: “Billy worked hard to develop the game in Scotland and he was always the face you would recognise at Tournaments, Festivals and anything to do with walking football. He was always passionate and positive in his drive to bring walking football to the people of Scotland. Walking Football Scotland will build on Billy’s passion and drive and everyone involved with walking football in Scotland wish him well in the future.”