Please find below a range of documents and templates that may be downloaded and used by your Walking Football group.

1. Checklist: Useful checklist for Groups and Clubs.

Download Checklist

2. Code of Conduct: Guidelines that Walking Football Scotland recommends walking football groups adopt, particularly in competitions, festivals etc.

Download Code of Conduct

3. Club Constitution: Many walking football sessions may be casual groups who do not require the formality of a constitution however if you wish to appoint committees and apply for grant funding you may have to create one.

Download Draft Constitution

4. Registration Document: We recommend that member groups ensure that all players should complete some type of registration form as good practice. Please be aware of Data Protection guidelines and ensure this information is kept in a secure area and available at all sessions in case of emergency.

Download Registration Template

5. Welcome Letter: Groups may wish to produce a welcome letter for all newcomers informing them of all the sessions details, contacts etc

Download Welcome Letter template

6. Funding Tips: This document shares a few tips on how to complete a successful funding application and lists some potential funders.

Download Funding Tips

7. Risk Assessment: Before every session the leader/coach should carry out a quick visual inspection of the playing area/goals etc to ensure there are no safety hazards. If you plan to stage a tournament or festival it is advised to carry out a full event risk assessment. This template can be adapted to suit your event.

Download Event Risk Assessment template

8. Event Entry Form: If you are considering hosting a walking football tournament or festival you may wish to use the template below as an application form.

Draft Tournament/Event entry form