Walking Football Scotland is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) managed by a Board of Trustees. Our registered Scottish charity number is SC047709.

Our Board of Trustees

Gary McLaughlin - Chair

David Hyland Treasurer

Colin Mackay

Matt Ramsay

Vivian Wallace

Governance: Risk and Compliance 

The compliance and risk landscape is continually changing. To remain strategically aligned with the requirements of OSCR, local and central government, other governing bodies and the growth of walking football within Scotland we will operate a governance, risk management and compliance strategy that keeps pace with new legislation and stakeholder expectations. We will work closely with our main partners in order to achieve a secure and appropriate level of governance. We will work closely with our stakeholders to put in place a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy, which will increase value and empower them to:

  • Improve strategic board decisions by clearly defining the associated risks and opportunities

  • Use proactive and effective monitoring to minimise unexpected incidents

  • Protect and enhance our brand by capitalising on opportunities with minimal risk

  • Increase the efficiency of doing business and lower the cost of compliance

  • Avoid fines, penalties and damage to reputation

  • Obtain a clear, consistent view on risk and risk appetite

  • Use the right communication to enhance stakeholder relationships

We will develop good governance practices to become more efficient and effective in managing opportunities and risks facing the development of walking football in Scotland.

The value of an integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance will be demonstrated through enhanced reputational value, employee retention value and increased revenue. Walking Football Scotland will challenge itself to develop a holistic and resilient approach to GRC that embraces change and the risks that it invariably brings. Operating practices and procedures will be put in place to drive our success forward based upon our ability to identify risk  

Types of Governance Risk facing Walking Football Scotland: 

  • Structure - from boards and steering groups to business models and policy frameworks

  • Operational Activities - from new development activities and communication channels to operations, strategic planning and risk appetite.

  • Information - from financial performance and audit reporting to management, risk and compliance reporting

  • People and culture - from leadership to accountability and transparency throughout the organisation, including relationships with local government, partners and other governing bodies.

Governance risk will be assessed at Board level to present a clear view of the entire organisation and how the governance framework exists to control it.