To improve, maintain and promote the physical, mental and social wellbeing of older adults through walking football.


  • To engage and work with all walking football groups/clubs, partners, participants, local authorities, health services and any other organisations interested in the development of walking football.
  • To manage, support, develop and promote walking football in Scotland 
  • Increase participation of Walking Football in Scotland 
  • Create and support a sustainable competition structure throughout Scotland at all appropriate age levels in conjunction with existing competitions that encourages full social integration.
  • Develop refereeing and leadership pathways.


To achieve the above aims, Walking Football Scotland will focus on the following key tasks: 


Increase participation in all age groups with a strong focus on the 50 plus age category and to raise knowledge, awareness and access to walking football throughout Scotland.


Walking Football Scotland will support local groups/clubs and individuals by offering resources and information, enabling them to develop their programmes and effectively recruit members and volunteers. 

Social Inclusion 

Walking Football Scotland will help deliver and support projects which aim to increase walking football opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged and other minority groups. We will also aim to provide the opportunities and environment for these individuals to develop life skills, such as leadership and team work skills.


Walking Football Scotland will publicise and promote the sport to the membership and general public in order to support and facilitate the growth of the sport across the country and in particular the health, wellbeing and social inclusion benefits of walking football.


Walking Football Scotland will strive to deliver, organise and support a programme of competitions and festivals (working with existing competitions and partners) and will be responsible for the selection and administration of representative teams if and when appropriate.


Walking Football Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Football Association, will be responsible for the development of the Refereeing, First Aid and Coaching Framework and will establish a nationally recognised qualification pathway in Leadership, refereeing and coaching.