Walking Football Scotland Scottish Cup and Festival 2018

Working in partnership with Glasgow Sport, The Scottish Football Partnership Trust and Paths for All we are delighted to invite you to sign up for this year’s walking football Scottish Cup and Festival, being held again at Glasgow Green Football Centre on Saturday June 23rd.

This year we are offering a competitive and non-competitive element where teams can sign up and participate in either the Scottish Cup or take part in the friendly Festival. 

So come along and be crowned Scottish walking football Champions or enter and be part of a wonderful Festival and showcase walking football, played at its best.

·    Scottish Cup (Over 50’s only), replacing the old previous ‘National Festival’, will be competitive in nature and is priced at £50 per team.  Maximum of 32 teams can take part. (Clubs can enter more than 1 team)

·    Festival (any age) will be non-competitive inviting all those who would simply like to take part in organised friendly fixtures and is priced at £30 per team. (any amount of teams can enter)

We hope that with over 60 affiliated Walking Football Scotland clubs, you will sign up to take part in this festival of walking football.

You can sign up directly by emailing club confirmation details to Matt.Ramsay@glasgowlife.org.uk

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