Six Scottish teams play in Algarve Walking Football Cup


Six Scottish sides took part in the prestigious Algarve Walking Football Cup which was held at Brown’s Sports and Leisure Club in Vilamoura on 6/7 October.

Walking Football has seen a surge in popularity in recent years with teams and projects developing in settings from football clubs, local authorities, community groups, sports clubs and in healthcare settings.

The sport is aimed at keeping people aged over 50 involved with football if, due to a lack of mobility or for other reason, they are not able to play the traditional game.

Though based on association football, the key difference in the rules, from standard football, is that if a player runs then they concede a free kick to the other side. This restriction, together with a ban on slide tackles, is aimed both at avoiding injuries and facilitating the playing of the sport by those who are physically disadvantaged.

Walking Football also has the potential to improve people’s lives. Benefits include increased physical activity, improved mental health and wellbeing, access to additional sources of support and the opportunity to form new friendships for those living in isolation.

Carnoustie Panmure fared best, winning the Final Classification Place after finishing 5th in the tournament which was won by local side Olhao A who defeated hosts Browns in the final.

Tullibody Reds finished in 6th place, just above Hearts 56 in 7th.

Tweedvale from Peebles finished in 14th place with Hearts 98 in 15th and Tullibody Blues in 19th.

Paul Yates from Chesterton Crusaders A was named the tournament Most Valuable Player and 78 year-old Paul Simpson from Mansfield Reds won the Forever Young award.

The full list of results for the Scottish teams follows.

Carnoustie Panmure

Carnoustie Panmure 2-1 Browns

Carnoustie Panmure 4-0 Mansfield Reds

Carnoustie Panmure 1-0 Chesterton Crusaders A

Carnoustie Panmure 0-0 Tullibody Reds

Carnoustie Panmure 5-1 Tweedvale

Carnoustie Panmure 0-0 Derby County (Lost 3-2 on penalties)

Carnoustie Panmure 1-1 Hearts 56 (Won 2-1 on penalties)

Carnoustie Panmure 1-0 Tullibody Reds


Tullibody Reds

Tullibody Reds 0-0 Chesterton Crusaders A

Tullibody Reds 2-1 Mansfield Reds

Tullibody Reds 0-1 Browns W

Tullibody Reds 0-0 Carnoustie Panmure

Tullibody Reds 0-0 Canterbury City (Won 2-1 on penalties)

Tullibody Reds 1-0 Chesterton Crusaders A

Tullibody Reds 0-0 Olhao B (Lost 1-2 on penalties)

Tullibody Reds 0-1 Carnoustie Panmure


Hearts 56

Hearts 56 1-2 Olhao A

Hearts 56 4-1 Stamerton Stalkers Navy

Hearts 56 1-1 Canterbury City

Hearts 56 5-1 Tavira B

Hearts 56 0-0 Mansfield Yellow (Won 3-1 on penalties)

Hearts 56 0-0 Chesterton Crusaders A(Won 1-0 on penalties)

Hearts 56 0-2 Olhao A

Hearts 56 0-0 Browns (Lost 0-2 on penalties)

Hearts 56 1-1 Carnoustie Panmure (Lost 2-1 on penalties)

Hearts 56 1-1 Chesterton Crusaders B



Tweedvale 0-2 Derby County

Tweedvale 1-2 Stamerton Stalkers Black

Tweedvale 1-3 Olhao B

Tweedvale 0-1 Hearts 98

Tweedvale 2-1 Tullibody Blue

Tweedvale 1-5 Carnoustie Panmure

Tweedvale 0-1 Chesterton Crusaders A

Tweedvale 2-0 Hearts 98

Tweedvale 0-1 Stamerton Stalkers Black


Hearts 98

Hearts 98 0-0 Olhao B

Hearts 98 0-2 Stamerton Stalkers Black

Hearts 98 2-2 Derby County

Hearts 98 1-0 Tweedvale

Hearts 98 0-0 Mansfield Yellows (Won 3-1 on penalties)

Hearts 98 0-2 Olhao A

Hearts 98 0-1 Canterbury City

Hearts 98 0-2 Tweedvale

Hearts 98 1-0 Tavira


Tullibody Blues

Tullibody Blues 0-2 Chesterton Crusaders B

Tullibody Blues 0-0 Mansfield Seniors Yellow

Tullibody Blues 0-0 Tavira

Tullibody Blues 0-3 West Lancs

Tullibody Blues 1-2 Tweedvale

Tullibody Blues 0-0 Stamerton Stalkers (Lost 1-2 on penalties)

Tullibody Blues 1-1 Tavira (Won 2-1 on penalties)


Photo courtesy of Brown’s