First Ever Over 65 Walking Football League

Walking Football Scotland along with our partners North Lanarkshire Leisure and Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire are looking forward to next Monday (11th March 2019),  to kick off the Inaugural Over 65’s National walking football league at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility.

Fixtures will be held between 12.15pm – 1.15pm each month on the following dates:

  • Monday 11th March

  • Monday 8th April

  • Monday 13th May

  • Monday 12th August

  • Monday 9th September

  • Monday 14th October


Ten teams have entered the competition in this the first year for an Over 65 age group.

The teams:

Active Stirling

Ayr United Football Academy

East Kilbride Gerihatricks

Gala Fairydean Rovers

Glasgow Sport

Heart of Midlothian

North Lanarkshire Leisure A

North Lanarkshire Leisure B


Tweedvale Walking Football team

Games will be played between 12.15pm – 1.15pm and everyone is asked to arrive no later than 11:30am,  to be registered in plenty of time to change and warm up.

Note for all TEAMS

Every team will play outside 4 times across the year. (where possible) The teams will play outside twice in a row on pitch 5 before then completing the rest of their fixtures inside. This ensures throughout the course of the league every team play the same amount of games inside and outside. So in the first set of fixtures both Hearts and Glasgow Sport will be outside twice.

Points : Three points for a win and One point for a draw.

Fixtures 11th March

Fixture 1

Pitch 1: North Lanarkshire Leisure (A)          vs                Tweedvale Walking Football

Pitch 2: Ayr United                                        vs                North Lanarkshire Leisure (B)

Pitch 3: Tullibody                                            vs                Active Stirling

Pitch 4: East Kilbride Gerihatricks                 vs                Glasgow Sport

Pitch 5: Gala Fairydean Rovers                      vs                 Hearts

Fixture 2

Pitch 1: Tweedvale Walking Football            vs                     Ayr United

Pitch 2: North Lanarkshire Leisure (A)          vs                    Tullibody

Pitch 3: North Lanarkshire Leisure (B)          vs                   East Kilbride Gerihatricks

Pitch 4: Active Stirling                                    vs                 Gala Fairydean Rovers

Pitch 5: Glasgow Sport                                  vs                   Hearts

Fixture 3

Pitch 1: Tullibody                                           vs                   Tweedvale Walking Football

Pitch 2: East Kilbride Gerihatricks                vs                   Ayr United

Pitch 3: Gala Fairydean Rovers                     vs                   North Lanarkshire Leisure (A)

Pitch 4: Hearts                                                vs                    North Lanarkshire Leisure (B)

Pitch 5: Glasgow Sport                                   vs                    Active Stirling


Walking Football Scotland wishes all participating teams the best of luck.

Please remember the spirit of the game and always conduct yourself in line with the WFS and your own club’s Code of Conduct.