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Scottish Football Association

The Scottish FA is delighted to work with and support Walking Football Scotland.

The creation of a national group to help  co-ordinate and standardise the numerous interested parties will be of great benefit to the sport in Scotland. Volunteers and Officials involved in provision across their local communities will now find it easier than before to share good practice, exchange ideas and develop the sport for our more senior players.

Walking Football has grown rapidly over the last few years and is a wonderful derivative of our beloved sport. The Scottish FA recognises the multifarious benefits of walking football.

The game has obvious health benefits, both physical and mental, tackles social isolation, helps build community cohesion and is of course great fun!

The game is also a wonderful fit with many of the Scottish Government’s Key Physical Activity targets:

  • We encourage and enable the inactive to be more active
  • We encourage and enable the active to stay active throughout life
  • We improve our active infrastructure – people and places
  • We support wellbeing and resilience in communities through physical activity and sport
  • We improve opportunities to participate, progress and achieve in sport

In addition to the recreational aspect of Walking Football, there are also many opportunities to compete in tournaments locally, nationally and even across national borders. Walking Football Scotland will be key to helping to coordinate and promote these events. As the game continues to grow we will assist in the development of suitably trained officials to facilitate match play. The Scottish FA is committed to collaborating with WFS to produce a National Guidelines resource.

Walking Football Scotland already has strong partnerships with organisations such as the, Age Scotland, NHS Scotland, Paths for All and the SPFL Trust.  With everyone working together and Walking Football Scotland continuing to develop a safe and exciting game at every level, the future for the slowed down version of the game is indeed very bright.